Regal Eagle Estate Team

Robert Feichtinger
Managing Partner

Rick Crompton
Managing Partner

Jeannine Foose Crompton
Client Relationship Specialist

Heidi Feichtinger
Listing Manager

"Regal" - Treating people like royalty and always working as if for the King!
"Eagle" - Symbolizes strength, honor, integrity and the American Dream.
"Estate" - The wealth, value and legacy of our efforts and experiences in life.

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Robert Feichtinger

Robert began his Real Estate career years ago with Frontier GMAC in Colorado. Coldwell Banker purchased Frontier and artfully merged the best of both companies. As a Managing Partner, Robert has explored many of the policies and practices in the real estate industry and continues to incorporate the strongest systems into the Regal Eagle Estate Team.

Prior to Real Estate, Robert worked twenty years as an computer science engineer serving in many capacities. Degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science provide the basis for great attention to detail. Robert has seen many challanges and is very good at solving problems.

Robert has lived his entire life in Colorado, is married for over 12 years to another Colorado native, and has two children. His parents are first generation imigrants from Vienna Austria, and this may explain his passion for superior skills, tireless work ethic, and exceptional service. His other interests include, computers, aviation, woodworking, swimming, hiking, and cycling.

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