Regal Eagle Estate Team

Robert Feichtinger
Managing Partner

Rick Crompton
Managing Partner

Jeannine Foose Crompton
Client Relationship Specialist

Heidi Feichtinger
Listing Manager

"Regal" - Treating people like royalty and always working as if for the King!
"Eagle" - Symbolizes strength, honor, integrity and the American Dream.
"Estate" - The wealth, value and legacy of our efforts and experiences in life.

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Heidi Feichtinger

Heidi earned a bachelor degree in English from Colorado University in Boulder. In addition to her many real estate talents, she brings a variety of skills to the team in the form of technical writing, graphic arts, marketing, organization of details, and amazing communication and business insights.

Beyond the realm of real estate, Heidi can often be found in the theater, sometimes singing, occasionally on stage, and many times designing and running all the technical aspects of the production.

This unique ability to communicate and organize has also been heavily invested in giving back through community groups such as Community Bible Study, and Calvary Bible Church. A helper, a technician, an administrator, a teacher, a counselor, or a leader depending on the demand of the moment.

She is the mother of two energetic children, and has a never ending appetite for reading, and helping people to be their very best.

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