Regal Eagle Estate Team

Robert Feichtinger
Managing Partner

Rick Crompton
Managing Partner

Jeannine Foose Crompton
Client Relationship Specialist

Heidi Feichtinger
Listing Manager

"Regal" - Treating people like royalty and always working as if for the King!
"Eagle" - Symbolizes strength, honor, integrity and the American Dream.
"Estate" - The wealth, value and legacy of our efforts and experiences in life.

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Jeannine Foose

Jeannine joined the Regal Eagle Estate team in 2006 as the Client Relationship Specialist. She holds a bachelor degree in education and master in ministry.

Prior to coming into Real Estate, Jeannine's experience in retail management and ministry has uniquely equipped her in organizational and relationship skills.

She is the mother of two grown children and enjoys reading, music, singing, traveling and her dog, Tassel.

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